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Current Nisab value (20/06/2015)
Using value of silver - £193
Using value of gold - £2,254

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Fitrana Donation

Don’t forget to pay your Fitrana on time

Fitrana (Zakat al-Fitr) is a compulsory payment that must be made before Eid prayer.

Pay your Fitrana now so that poor and needy Muslims can celebrate the festival of Eid. Your Fitrana payments provide them with nutritious food and clothing at this blessed time.

It is £3.50 per person and must be paid for every Muslim, including children and even newborn babies. The head of the household pays for all the dependants.

1 x Fitrana

2 x Fitrana

3 x Fitrana

4 x Fitrana

5 x Fitrana

6 x Fitrana

7 x Fitrana

8 x Fitrana

9 x Fitrana

10 x Fitrana

If you miss or break any fasts during Ramadan you may need to pay either Fidya or Kaffarah

For fasts missed through ill health or pregnancy, which cannot be made up afterwards for legitimate reasons, Fidya is payable.

If fasts are broken without allowable reasons, and the compensatory two months of fasting is not possible, then Kaffarah is payable.

We'll use your Fidya and Kaffarah to provide nutritious meals to the fasting poor and needy.

Fidya x 1
Provides 2 meals for missing a single fast in ramadan

Fidya x 30
Provides 2 meals a day for 30 days for not being able to fast throughout ramadan

Kaffarah x 60
Provides 2 meals a day for 60 days for deliberatley breaking fasts in ramadan, without good reason